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Cigar humidor

Enjoying a cigar, is not only to savour all of its flavours but to also to enjoy a special relationship with time.

The time taken to appreciate, to inhale, to gently roll between the fingers, to prepare before raising to the lips, these are special moments for all lovers of fine cigars, unforgettable shared moments. Whilst smoking a cigar, let time do what it will…

Thanks to an exclusive temperature and hygrometry regulation system, EuroCave guarantees optimum preservation of your cigars:

  • A constant temperature between 9°C (48°F) and 18°C (64°F). 
  • Hygrometry between 65% and 75%. 

To simplify service, these cabinets are equipped with a wooden presentation tray and a sliding drawer.

Presentation sliding shelf

Storage drawer

Technical Specifications

Model: CC-064V3
Colour: Buffle
Size(mm): 950h x 655w x 690d
Shelving: 1 display tray, 2 drawers & 1 wooden shelf
Door: Glass door
Capacity: Approx. 40 boxes
Warranty: 12 months

Unit Price: HK$ 39,800.00

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